Ramsey Bakery was opened in 1972 in a former fruit shop on Bowring Road, Ramsey by James (Jim) and Caroline Duncan who still retain 100% ownership.

The original concept was to make and sell patisserie style products, pies and pasties along with what was then described as continental breads.

In less than twelve months the proprietors realised that expansion was critical as the original premises were too small to employ any staff and since then through a series of moves and acquisitions and a change in production direction Ramsey Bakery has become the Island's principal bakery supplying all the food retailers within the Island with sliced bread and morning rolls.

  • 1972 established.
  • 1974 extended to the adjoining property (first employees recruited) allowing wholesale deliveries.
  • 1976 third property added with further expansion into wholesale.
  • 1978 moved to new premises on Bowring Road (site of former contract packers).
  • 1981 moved to purpose built premises on the site of Ramsey’s former Steam Railway Station.
  • 1990 doubled the size of the production facility with a twelve thousand square foot extension.

In 1972 there were over thirty family owned bakery businesses within the Isle of Man but by the early 1990’s this had been reduced to less than ten as a result of retirements and closures due to poor profitability.

Ramsey Bakery however had expanded due to the demand for its range of quality sliced breads and morning goods.

In 1984 Ramsey Bakery acquired the interests of Rathbones Bakery which had been the former Co-Op Bakery in Douglas. This doubled Ramsey Bakery’s sliced bread production and without major investment in plant and equipment the labour intensive and costly system of making sliced bread was a serious threat to the viability of the business, hence the major investment to update and automate the sliced bread production was made and was completed in 1992.

This investment was mirrored by the refurbishment of Laxey Glen Mills which was now in the ownership of the Manx Government, having gone into receivership in 1976 when it was R.G. Corletts.

Ramsey Bakery had pledged their support to the Laxey Glen Mill and to the Manx cereal growers who were slowly learning the skills of growing milling wheat suitable for bread making which was formerly imported from Canada but could now be grown here due to new varieties being developed.

Today all of the wheat used for milling at Laxey Glen Mills is grown here in the Isle of Man of which in excess of 90% is used by Ramsey Bakery.

Ramsey Bakery’s policy of supporting the Manx milling industry via Laxey Glen Mills, together with their commitment to the cereal growers has given the islands population a unique position in being self-sufficient in wheat, flour and bread production.


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