Our motto “Manx grown Manx milled and Manx baked” is our customers assurance that Ramsey Bakery are a truly Manx company that supports the Manx ideals of using home grown produce.

Our most important ingredient is grown here in the Isle of Man on the northern plain.

There was a time when all wheat was imported from Canada as this was regarded as the best wheat available for bread making. However developments over the last thirty years have brought about new strains of wheat which suit our climate.

In the Isle of Man the northern plain with its well-drained soil and higher than average sunshine has proved to be the best area in the Island to grow what is known as “milling wheat”.

Each year’s crop is totally dependent on the skill of the grower to ensure that he feeds the wheat with essential nitrogen at exactly the right time to enable the wheat to produce high protein seeds for the milling into flour, this with plenty of sunshine and a dry harvesting period are the requirements for quality bread making flour.

All Ramsey Bakery ingredients come from accredited suppliers.

As a supplier to all of the islands food retailers, some of whom are the UK’s largest and most respected for their brand and quality assurance, Ramsey Bakery are justifiably proud to say that they have total traceability and quality control assurance of every ingredient they use.

Ramsey bakery do not use:

  • Hydrogenated fats
  • G.M. sourced ingredients
  • Animal fats
  • Packaging derived from P.V.C.

Over the past twenty years Ramsey Bakery has reduced salt levels in their bread and rolls by a minimum of thirty percent.


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